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Choosing the perfect filmmaker to create your wedding film and tell your love story is important. When you choose Strata Wedding Films to be that person, you get an authentic and personalized experience like no other. With over 15 years of video experience and 10+ years experience creating wedding films, you can be sure that your film will be high quality, unique to you, and a keepsake of your love you can treasure forever.


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Hey I'm Tyler, the owner of Strata. I've been shooting wedding films since 2013 and I absolutely love my job! I created films formerly as Glassed Up Studios, but in 2021 decided to separate my corporate photo & video side from the wedding film side and so Strata Wedding Films was born.

I've been shooting video since 2006, my junior year of high school, and I never looked back. I graduated from Penn State in 2012 (We Are!) with a focus on video production and after a few freelance gigs with ESPN, American Idol, Outdoor Channel, and a few small production companies, I decided to do my own thing.

When I'm not shooting wedding films or doing marketing for businesses, I'm watching Penn State & Steelers Football, enjoying the outdoors, playing with my two kids Bryson and Rylee, or binge watching the latest shows with my wife Emily.

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the difference

What's the difference between Strata and the others? Storytelling. I don't just make a highlight of your day set to music. I tell your story using speeches, dialogue from the officiant, your vows, letters, and more. I look for reoccurring themes in dialogue as well as moments to help the story flow. The music chosen, along with these moments, guides your love story across your entire wedding day.


My filming style is rooted in capturing semi-candid moments in personal, authentic, and captivating films. I film in a way that captures raw and real moments using as little posing and staged shots as possible. My goal is for the film to captivate you from the opening frame - and not just because it is your wedding day - but because the film is totally unique to you and your love story and it is absolutely beautiful.

My films don't feature major color changes or messy/complex edits. My edits do feature true to life colors, steady shots, and have a clean, cinematic, and luxurious look. I spend almost an entire day at times meticulously searching for the right music to go along with your day and the moments captured. All of these things combined with beautiful storytelling brings your film to life. Each moment captured during your day is thought out thoroughly about which camera and lens to use, where to stand, where the best lighting is, and how (or if) audio will be captured. I even communicate my settings to my team to be sure everything is in-sync. I've been called tediously technical, and I definitely agree, but I wouldn't have it any other way! It's what makes a film a Strata film.


What kind of couple is a Strata Wedding Films couple? First and foremost, I love an adventurous and madly in love couple that feels video is a super important part of their day and is excited to work together! We're talking video being a top 5 priority! These types of couples combined with those that don't mind being in front of a camera, have a vision for their day, and trust me wholeheartedly to create the film they dream of - are Strata couples. I'll film your wedding anywhere, but if you love the outdoors and are having your wedding in the woods or at the top of a mountain, well that's just perfect!

Learn more about my signature video albums included with every package!



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