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Hey I'm Tyler, the owner of Strata. I've been shooting wedding films since 2013 and I absolutely love my job! You're probably wondering, "What does Strata mean and why is it your business name?" Great question! Here's some backstory!

I've been shooting video since 2006, my junior year of high school, and I never looked back. I graduated from Penn State in 2012 (We Are!) from the College of Communications with a focus on video production and after a few freelance gigs with ESPN, American Idol, Outdoor Channel, and a few small production companies, I decided to do my own thing filming my love of the outdoors on the side of my regular 9-5. After filming my cousins wedding in 2013 for her, you could say things got a little serious for me in the world of wedding videography. Then, several years later, things got super serious and I quit a salaried video production job at a prestigious university to take on the video world alone!

So here I am, 34 years old, happily married to the love of my life with two beautiful children, and 15+ years of experience since I first picked up a camera. Combine that with a love of our Lord Jesus, the outdoors, and capturing moments of raw emotion on the best day of peoples lives, and that's me in a nutshell! My love of the outdoors includes everything from nature and wildlife to geology, and that's where the name Strata comes in.


Strata is the plural form of stratum, which means a layer or a series of layers of rock in the ground and is where the mountain images of our branding come into play. This wedding cinema company and my films are built on layers of experience, both personal and professional, that have crafted where I'm at today.

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