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Wedding videographer education

Thanks for checking out my education courses! One of the best things I did in 2020 was invest in myself, even after having a camera in my hand since 2006. If you ever think you have learned enough, you haven't learned at all! That's why I want to share my 15 years of video experience and more than 10 years of wedding industry experience with you! All courses over deliver, plus each student gets free 1-hour weekly follow-up consults for 30 days after any course. There's nothing better to invest in for yourself, both personally and professionally, than knowledge! Choose your course below now!

bride in white dress with long veil kissing groom in gray tux infront of mansion

Want the best of the best?

Then be sure to sign up for my Wedding Ready Mentorship where I go 1-on-1 with you for up to 6 months making sure you and your business are wedding ready and set up for success in the wedding film industry.

Each course is customized to fit you, your experience level, and your goals. No need to pay for a full curriculum or video courses that contain information you already know or skip over information you actually need. I deliver exactly what you need to know or want to know no matter what stage of your video career you're in. Most courses will be hands-on or conversational along with a few super helpful printed resources and even job-shadowing. All courses have extremely limited availability, so let's dive in and get you started on enhancing your video career!



Basic phone and video consults are great for those who just have a few technical questions, want information on gear, need guidance on something that has them stuck, or just want me to give feedback on your work. Each consultation is an hour long with the option of up to 3hrs at a time available. Please click below to set up a chat! Availability: Varies. Click below to schedule.



Whether your camera is new or old and you just want help setting it up or you want some hands-on instruction with technique and equipment use, this is the course for you. Photographers wanting to break into videography to add to their offerings or filmmakers just starting out would benefit greatly from this one! Heck, this course is great for anyone looking to become a pro with a camera, add knowledge to their camera move arsenal, or how to properly set up their gear. Plus after, the included 1-hour field session, you'll definitely leave a better filmmaker. Course length: 3-4 Hours   Availability 2 per month.

wedding videographer filming in the woods starta wedding films



In this course, I'll teach you everything you need to know to capture the shot from the sky with your drone and help prep you for your Part 107 test so you can legally fly for business! We'll cover everything from general tips and maneuvers, to drone care, flight and camera settings, rules and regulations, accessories and more. I'll also show you my favorite drone related apps including the test prep app that secured me a 93%+ on every test.  Course Length: In person, 3-4 Hours.  Availability: 1 Per Month (April-August)



In this hands-on course you'll learn not just the how, but the why, as I walk you through the process in your editor of choice (FCPX or Adobe) as we put together a 2-minute short film, a ceremony, or a reception. Along with a few tips and tricks, you'll get to see how I determine clips to use, music selection, multicam edits, audio sync, the coloring process, and how to make the edit.

Course Length: You may choose one or all three. Each course takes 4-6 Hours. Availability: 1 per month

strata wedding films filming bride and groom kissing infront of building groom in uniform



In this course, you'll get to literally tag along to a wedding and see how we do our thing. This is an inside look at how we film, why we get the shots we do, how we capture audio, client communication, and gear selection. You'll get to ask your questions, take it in visually, and even be a be a part of the crew. It literally is the best of both worlds. Course Length: Typically 8 Hours. Availability: 5 Per Year



In this course, I'll teach you everything I know about running a business in the wedding industry. We'll talk about pricing, marketing, website set-up, taxes, legal structure, staying legal, client forms, contracts, software, service providers, subscriptions, and more. All of my current knowledge and past mistakes over 10 years become your advantage early on to booking more brides, becoming more profitable, and enhancing your brand. Course Length: In person, three 8-hour Days. Virtual, four 6-hour sessions.  Availability: 1 Per Month

Wedding Ready





$1500 / $3000 / $5000

This is the holy grail of courses loaded with info worth over $10,000. This is your all-in-one option to learning everything you can about videography and the wedding film industry. In this course, you'll learn everything*above and get to tag along on 1, 3, or 5 weddings over the length of the course. My goal in this course is to have you wedding industry ready to be able to start your own business or enhance your current business at the conclusion of the mentorship. You'll learn about your camera, lenses, top industry gear, how to properly film and edit a wedding, how to start or improve your own business, and weekly 1 Hour check-in consults. You get all of this with my direct, and more in-depth, 1-on-1 guidance for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months depending on the course you choose. Course Length: 1/3/6 months. Availability: Only 3 spots per year.


*DISCLAIMER: Glassed Up Studios LLC/Strata Wedding Films (Educator) and it's agents do not guarantee any level of Student success from any program. Results may vary person to person. Neither Educator or its agents are held liable for any student actions or failure before, during, or after program participation. Payments are no longer eligible for refunds once a program has been started. All payment must be received before each course or Educator may cease training indefinitely until payment is received. By clicking to "Sign Up" you agree to these terms.

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