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What to Look for In Wedding Videography Packages

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In addition to knowing the average cost of wedding videography, another important thing to know is what to look for in wedding videography packages. In this short article, I'll cover a brief overview of how most packages are laid out and what to look for to find the best value.

Packages for wedding videography will vary. Some will be a choice of 3 or 4 packaged options, some will be totally a la carte, and some will have a base package to which you can customize your package to best suit your needs while automatically getting the necessities. Most starting wedding video packages will come with a 3-5 minute film with length increases in other higher level packages, a videographer or two, and several hours of coverage. Options not typically standard may include a video of your full ceremony as well as reception events (dances, speeches, etc.), additional film length upgrades, raw footage, and, almost always, drone footage.

A video of your full ceremony and reception is nice to have so that you can watch it from the perspective of guests. You'll see your wedding from multiple camera angles and experience the processional, recessional, and all of your vows and words from the officiant from the ceremony and see all of the fun moments from your reception - especially ones you may have missed. If you're not the kind of person to want to sit and watch the entire ceremony and reception more than once, a film length upgrade may be for you in order to include more moments of your day in a shorter amount of time.

Raw footage is great and is probably a top 3 add-on. It lets you see every single clip taken during your wedding day. Just beware - it is not edited at all. The video may not be color corrected or have good audio and the footage may be shaky. However, it is the best way to see things that don't make your film you wouldn't otherwise see.

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Drone footage is a popular add on and is rarely included in packages. The view a drone is able to capture is so unique that it adds a dimension to your film that really enhances the overall piece. It does require particular skill and the videographer must be licensed to fly, so it is usually extra. It may only add a minute of footage to your final film, but what can be captured by a drone and how it can shape your film makes it so worth it.

Lastly, length of coverage is a big one to look for, too. In my years of experience, I find it extremely difficult to capture a wedding day properly without filming for at least 8 hours. Certain wedding websites allow brides to select 4 or 6 hours of coverage and, unless it's an elopement, I'm not sure what that film would look like. Eight hours is perfect if all of your prep, ceremony, and reception are all at the same venue. If not, it may be possible if you are not doing a first look. letters, etc before the ceremony. I otherwise recommend to brides that they opt for the extended coverage to account for travel time between locations or if they have a longer timeline to capture everything. Especially if they choose a longer film length.

In the end, find a pricing structure that you like the best. Whether its a group of packages, a la carte, or upgrade eligible base packaging, the videographer will certainly have their best options available. Just choose whichever type of pricing model fits you best as a couple, gives you the most value, and best captures your wedding day. Be sure to compare what is in each starting package of videographers you review to get a sense of value for their options. Happy planning!

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