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Updated: Nov 24, 2021

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Congrats on your engagement! I'm so excited for you! You came to this blog post because you either have seen so many prices you don't know how much to invest OR you haven't started looking yet and you're just now asking yourself, "How much is a wedding videographer?" Keep reading to learn the answer to that exact question and many more!

To say that all videographers should be in one price range would be unfair because each videographer is different. Their work, style, costs, and demand, are all different. Because of this, there are, as you may have found, many different price ranges and the average cost of wedding videography certainly does vary. So what are the price points and how much is a wedding videographer?

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Typical Videographer Price Points

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Beginner $500-$1000 This person is just starting out and may not have even shot a wedding yet. They may be a college student or trying to start a side business, so their prices will be lower. However, their lack of overall experience and proper equipment may be evident in your experience with them and in the final film. How important is a video of your wedding day to you and can this person deliver? If video of your wedding day is really important, you'll want to consider someone else with more experience.

Amateur or Hobbyist $1500-$2000 Those that are at this price point may be progressing to become full-time wedding professionals, but are still refining their skills which will be reflected in your final products and the planning process leading up to your wedding day.

Seasoned Amateur $2500 - $3000 This person has several years of experience and, while rare, you may be able to find a talented videographer that does weddings on the side of their normal job. Otherwise, this price point seems to deliver a happy medium of just okay quality at an okay price which will be reflected in their work. If video isn't super high on your list, but you still want okay quality, this may be the price point for you. However, if video is really important to you and you want top quality, continue on!

Wedding Professional $3500 - $5000+ This person has countless years of wedding industry experience and is a full-time wedding pro. You'll find packages and options that are thoughtfully put together to fit your wedding day and their style has been refined and established. In addition to a beautiful film, professional wedding videographers typically give a seamless experience in all facets of the booking & planning process leading up to your day and have professional-level options for delivery. If a gorgeous video is on your wedding day must-have list, then this definitely is the price point for you!

Luxury $6000+ This person specializes in high-profile or luxurious weddings. Their films and filming style are in ultra-high demand. These videographers' films have many of the same overall features as your typical wedding professional, but offer a few bonus extras including multi-day shoots, larger crews, and longer coverage to create that luxury or Hollywood feel. Their industry experience and film style put them in this price point.

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Why are the prices what they are?

Wedding videographer prices have many different factors. A few may be experience-related, location, or style. But why are prices so different? If videographer A and B do it for $xxx, then why can't Videographer C? Three reasons - experience, costs, and location.

More experience and a higher skill level translate into better films and therefore higher demand. If you have a great videographer with high demand and limited availability, they're going to have higher pricing.

Another lesser-known fact is that video production can also be expensive for videographers, both in time and actual expenses. Videographers pay for the music subscriptions, editing software, cameras, lenses, computers (all of which cost THOUSANDS of dollars), drones (also expensive), audio equipment, second shooters, taxes, retirement, office expenses, gas, rental of additional gear, etc. That's before a salary is taken or money is put back into the business.

Close to 40+ hours per wedding is spent editing each film so it's absolutely perfect for you. So if you add up the hours planning, driving, filming your wedding, and editing your film, a videographer quickly spends almost 80 hours per wedding. A videographer charging $2,000 is likely making, at most, $25 an hour before expenses.

Lastly, one of the most common pricing factors is location. A videographer from a city will likely cost more than one from an outside area due to the cost of living. Certain areas may have more wedding videographers in them than others, which will also affect the cost.

How much should you invest in wedding videography?

How much you personally should invest is a tough question to answer because of so many factors, but the price points above really do hold true to levels of quality and make for a pretty good rule of thumb when figuring how much you should expect to spend on a wedding video. However, at the end of the day, what you spend is really is up to you. I may be biased, but a wedding video is always worth it.

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