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When you invest in a wedding film, you're investing in more than just your wedding day. You're investing in preserving the memory of special moments for yourselves and future generations. You get to experience your groom's reaction as you locked eyes while walking down the aisle, hear how your hand-written vows sounded that you poured your heart into, or experience how flawless your first dance looked that you practiced together for months. Having your wedding day captured in a film is a necessity and you deserve the best! When you choose Strata Wedding Films, not only do you get the incredible experience we give you, but you get to live every moment and feel every emotion all over again in the best way for the rest of your lives - in our cinematic wedding films.


To ensure that Strata Wedding Films couples get the best quality, turnaround time, and individual attention they deserve, we only film 10 weddings each year and only one wedding per weekend  - Friday or Saturday.


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Curious as to what a wedding film may cost you in 2023 or 2024? We did some market research into the different levels of wedding videography and found the average price points from over 25 different filmmakers to give you the answer you're looking for!



Thanks for your interest in becoming a Strata Wedding Films Couple! We take great pride in creating incredible wedding films for couples just like you! If you'd love to have Tyler and the team at Strata capture your wedding day, please fill out the form below. We would love to talk more about you and your wedding and will be in touch as soon as possible!

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